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Please be aware that we need quotation requests in writing and cannot provide prices over the phone. If you require a Trade Price we need a company letter head or purchase order.

What Information Do We Require?

In order to process your quotation request and provide you with an accurate price, we require the following information (click here to see an example of the information we need):

  • The product you wish for us to quote. (i.e. aluminium windows)
  • The system you wish for us to quote. (i.e. Premium Plus Windows)
  • The product details, including; sizes, colours, glass, styles and designs for each item.
  • Any additional information, requirements or specialist instructions. (For example... I require; direct fix outerframes, internally glazed sashes, trickle vents, a 150mm projection cill etc.).

Please note: All of our products are bespoke and made-to-measure, to your exact specifications.

For more help and advice on specifying or pricing our products please call us on (01268) 681612.

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Horizontal Sliding Aluminium Secondary Glazing

Horizontal Sliding Aluminium Secondary Glazing

Our Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing is extremely versatile, slides smoothly and is available with two to five panels. Horizontal sliders are perfect for sound and thermal insulation for casement windows, hinged windows, or any window that has vertical bars. Panels slide within the frame allowing easy access to the existing outer windows & provide ventilation without interfering with curtains or blinds.

Horizontal Sliders are available in our Economy Odd Leg, Slim-line Equal Leg, Luxury Subframe and Heavy Duty systems. Units can be joined with coupling sections allowing both large and ribbon windows to be successfully treated.


Movie ClackerDurations Secondary Should Be NOT Seen And NOT Heard. Please Click Here to See For Yourself »

Glass Options

Our standard glass for our secondary glazing is 4mm clear float glass. We have a huge variety of glass available for our secondary glazing and it is possible to tailor your secondary glazing to your individual requirements. You can specify glass for improved sound insulation, thermal performance or security. Different thinnesses of glass are available for greater thermal and sound insulation. See examples of the different glass we can offer below:

Thickness Glass Properties
4mm Float Glass Can expect good improvement in sound and heat insulation. (a.k.a. Annealed Glass)
4mm Obscure / Patterned / textured Glass Specified for aesthetics and privacy (e.g. in a bedroom or bathroom). Read More...
4mm Toughened Glass Same as float glass with added safety and security.
6mm Float Glass For better performance in sound and heat insulation when compared to 4mm float. Has greater strength than 4mm glass for use in larger panels. (a.k.a. Annealed Glass)
6mm Toughened Glass Same as 6mm float glass, but provides added safety and security.
6.4mm Laminated Safety Glass For superior sound and heat insulation and far superior safety and security.
6.8mm Acoustic Glass For a dramatic improvement in sound proofing / noise insulation.
20mm Double Glazed Sealed Units For extreme circumstances where single glazing is not sufficient an improvement in sound and heat insulation. Only available for our heavy duty system, this unit can be composed of any of the above glass.

For help choosing a glass thickness visit our Guidance page.

Paint Colour Options

Our Secondary Glazing is available in a range of conventional colours, or any of over RAL colour paint finish. RAL colour profiles are special order, as they are not held in stock. Unpainted mill finish aluminium will be sent away to a sprayers, which will result in a surcharge and an extended lead time. Our Conventional colour range is as follows:

Conventional Colour Range

KL9910 Semi-Gloss HIPCA White (KL9910 Semi-Gloss)

(KL9910 S-Gloss)

Van Dyke Brown (BS08B29 Gloss) Van Dyke Brown (BS08B29 Gloss)

Van Dyke Brown
(BS08B29 Gloss)

Silver Anodised Silver Anodised


RAL Colour Finishes

Our secondary Glazing is available in any single RAL colour paint finish. There are over two hundred different RAL colours available. Click the link below to see a selection of the available RAL colours.

See Our RAL Colour Chart

Please note that these on-screen representations of painted colours are for guidance only, intended to provide an indication of colour. Duration Windows cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies between on-screen and actual painted colours.

Trade Supplier of ALUK products Smarts Systems approved fabricator. We are the largest supplier of Smart products in the UK. BFRC British Fenestration Rating Council - under the Window Energy Rating Group Scheme We are CE Marking complient