Secondary Glazing

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Heat Loss
What Does It Look Like?

Secondary glazing involves adding an extra slim-line window in addition to your existing windows. Usually they have white frames, although we can paint them in any of over 200 RAL colours. They are made from durable aluminium so they will not rot and require very little maintenance. Aluminium is naturally strong so the frames can be made very slim - making our secondary glazing discreet and unobtrusive.

Units are often pre-drilled and are easy to install. They are simply fixed to the existing windows or fixed into the window reveal. Our secondary glazing can be curved to form arched secondary glazing units.

The Optimum Air Gap - Simple Yet Effective

Having a 100mm - 200mm air gap between the secondary glazing and the existing windows (glass to glass) will provide an optimum gap for sound and heat performance. The air gap provides an additional barrier, preventing heat and sound from passing through. We have a deeper SF3 and SF4 subframe's specifically for the purpose of ‘reveal’ fixing the secondary glazing to give this gap. If only a smaller gap can be used then secondary glazing is still very effective as the performance difference between say a 70mm gap and 100mm gap is only small.

...adding well fitted secondary glazing with ordinary 4mm glass will give significant benefits in energy saving and reducing heating bills. We offer a range of glazing options including Float, Toughened & Laminated. For the best sound reduction we offer 6.8mm Acoustic or 6.4mm Laminated... ...

Choosing Glass Thickness in Secondary

When installing secondary glazing for sound proofing we recommend that you use a different thickness of glass in your secondary glazing than that of the glass in your existing windows. Different thicknesses of glass will help to block different wave lengths of sound, this effect is called the resonation factor. For maximum sound reduction we offer ‘Stadip’ acoustic glass which is 6.8mm thick and is designed as a sound insulating glass. Our 6.4mm ‘laminated’ glass also offers a significant noise benefit over other glass options, but at a reduced cost compared to the ‘Stadip’ acoustic glass.

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