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  • Any additional information, requirements or specialist instructions. (For example... I require; direct fix outerframes, internally glazed sashes, trickle vents, a 150mm projection cill etc.).

Please note: All of our products are bespoke and made-to-measure, to your exact specifications.

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Glazing Beads

Internally or Externally Glazed

Aluminium Window profiles; Outerframe, Opening Vents and Glazing Beads

The glazing bead is the aluminium profile that secures the sealed units (or glass) into the aluminium window frame or opening vent. When inserting glass into a window system (often referred to as Glazing the window) the glazing bead and wedge gaskets are the last pieces of the window that you fix into place. Some windows are externally glazed (also known as “externally beaded”), while some are internally glazed (also known as “internally beaded”). Some window systems will use a mix of internally glazed and internally glazed sections within a single window.

There have been many arguments over the years as to whether internally glazed or externally glazed windows are better for security. With people using arguments such as: “If you glazed a window from the outside then you can de-glaze it from the outside. Therefore externally beaded windows cannot possibly be secure.” Along with counter arguments such as “Internally beaded PVC windows can simply have their glass units forced in”.

The majority of people in the industry once considered externally glazed windows to be less secure. This is simply due to the fact that internally glazed windows were developed, introduced and advertised as the more secure option. This is no longer the case due to the fact that the majority of externally glazed windows use modern technology, which means that the external glazing beads simply cannot be removed without removing the internal wedge gasket first.

The simple fact is that both internally beaded and externally beaded aluminium windows are secure and the industry standard tests are there to prove it. Therefore if a window system can pass these tests they are deemed to be secure. So in the absence of any other even more stringent tests and standards, which should you choose, Internal or external glazed?

Key Points About Internally Beaded Windows:

  • Can make installation far easier by allowing the installer to fit the frame from inside the building, without the need for scaffolding.
  • Once considered to be more secure than externally beaded windows, however due to modern technology and the strength of aluminium, externally beaded aluminium windows are just as secure.

Key Points About Externally Beaded Windows:

  • Externally beaded can provide a slimmer sight-line than internally beaded.
  • From inside, the window may look neater as there are no bead lines.

Both external and internal beads on a single window:
Often you will find that a window system will mix internal and external beads on a single window. This is generally due to the fixed lites being externally glazed. Windows that do not open (otherwise known as fixed lites) are generally glazed from the outside directly into the window frame. Therefore, a window which is made up of an opening sash next to a fixed pane - would be internally beaded on the opening vents and externally beaded on the fixed pane. This gives the best looks and slimmest sight-lines. If you wish to have internally glazed through-out your windows you would normally have to opt for dummy sashes or a double beaded window frame. Dummy sashes provide equal sight-lines, as all the fixed lites are created by fixing opening vents into the outerframe, and are internally glazed.

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This information was taken from the Duration Windows Blog. Scources include, and

Premium Windows

See Our Premium Windows

Beaufort Premium Windows onHover Pic

Our Premium aluminium windows offer high performance, security and slim-lines. They are very thermally efficient windows, with many styles and designs to suit any home.

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Friction Hinges

Friction Hinges

Friction hinges provide added security over traditional hinges and allow the window to be held open in any given position. They also move across the window to allow for easy cleaning of your windows from inside.

Our windows can be fitted with modern industry standard friction hinges, egress friction hinges for fire escape windows, or restrictor friction hinges for safety.

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Paint Finish

Beaufort Premium Windows onHover Pic

Our products are all painted with a hardwearing polyester powdercoat paint, the paint is built to last and baked onto the aluminium.

Our Premium aluminium windows are available in a standard white, black, brown, dark grey, dove grey and cream. You can also have you window painted in dual colour or any of over 200 single or dual RAL colour finishes.

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Slim Profiles

Beaufort Premium Windows onHover Pic

Using the natural strength of aluminium these windows are made to be nice and slim. As a result this window system provides more glass area and less frame, maximising light and solar gain into the property.

This window system can achieve sight-lines on fixed lites of 43mm and sight-lines on openers of 65mm.

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Beaufort Premium Windows onHover Pic

These windows come with a high security multi-point Trojan shootbolt lock, which also helps provide excellent compression.

They are largely stainless steel in construction for strength & ultimate corrosion resistance. The lock consists of multiple espag locks with shootbolts top & bottom, providing increased security & tested to the equivalent of PAS 24 (BS 7950) for enhanced security.

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Beaufort Premium Windows onHover Pic

These windows are available with a variety of different outerframes, including a standard direct fix, ovolo, odd leg, equal leg and a square direct fix frame and provide a variety of options for different applications.

This versatility means that this window system can be fitted into existing or new timber frames, or directly to the brick work.

Design Your Windows

Glass Options

Glass Options

For your windows you can have either double glazed or triple glazed sealed units and choose between a wide range of different glass designs & glass options. You can have standard clear glass, square / diamond leads, georgian grills, astragal bars, patterned / decorative glass, obscure or textured glass.

Other options include self cleaning glass, solar control glass and laminated safety glass.

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Handle Options

Beaufort Premium Windows

There is a selection of handles available for your windows, which are available in a variety of colours. With modern and period handles, to suit traditional or contemporary properties.

These options include industry standard espag handles, basic cockspur handles and our Chelton handle range. The Chelton handle range consists of a modern Slim-line, an Art Deco and a classic Monkey Tail handle.

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Thermal Efficiency

Thermal Efficiency

These windows use some of the latest technology, such as an extra wide in-line plyamide thermal break & argon gas, to achieve window energy ratings (WER) as high as ‘A’ and U-values as low as 1.3 W/M²K.

Our standard double glazed sealed unit for these windows is Planitherm Total+, with a warm edge spacerbar & centre pane U-value of 1.2 W/M²K, they exceed the Building Regs.

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High Performance Windows

High Performance Windows

These exceptional windows provide the very best in performance:

Overall U-Value:1.6 W/M²K
Air Permeability:600 Pa
Water Tightness:600 Pa
Wind Resistance:2400 Pa

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Duration Aluminium Roofs

Aluminium Velux Style Roofs

Duration design and manufacture bespoke quality aluminium roof lanterns and conservatory roofs and are one of the top aluminium roof manufacturers in the country. Our high quality and high performance aluminium and glass roof system is uniquely versatile and adaptable, making it perfect for both the domestic and commercial markets.


It has been designed to provide maximum glass area and let in as much natural light as possible. A Duration roof can literally transform any space, and make it a brighter, more open and more welcoming space in which to spend your time. Open up your home or business to the possibilities of a Duration roof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose aluminium over wood or uPVC?

    Whether you decide to have a Timber, PVCu or aluminium sided conservatory you should insist on an aluminium roof. Aluminium is a perfect material for making roofs. The strength of aluminium allows for slim lines, more glass area and means that large spans are possible. Double glazed glass sealed units are the norm in our roofs. A strong roof means that it can take the load of maintenance boards when carrying out work on or above the conservatory. The roof can be painted in any of over 200 RAL colour finishes. This polyester powder coat finish is very hard wearing, made to last and easy to clean, requiring the minimum amount of maintenance.

  • What are the maximum size roofs you can produce?

    Our system is suitable for both residential and commercial uses. The style of roof, the rafters used (light duty, heavy duty or reinforced) and the ring-beam type used (structural or standard) all have a bearing on the maximum size limits. Steelwork can also be used for very large roofs. Please send us your design so we can calculate loadings.

  • Why do you recommend glass over polycarbonate?

    Glass has superior load bearing and acoustic properties. A glass roof will dramatically reduce external noise, from rain, low flying aircraft etc. when compared to a polycarbonate roof, and can take several inches of snow. A glass roof also lets you take advantage of innovations such as solar control and easy cleaning glass.

  • How quickly can you manufacture a roof?

    We keep a large amount of stock and can provide an exceptionally fast turn around on all of our products, especially white products. For customers that need their jobs urgently we offer a fast track service for an additional cost. Lead times are usually around 2-4 weeks, but please consult our sales department for current lead times, and availability of prices for our express / fast track jobs.

  • Can you supply Double or triple glazing for your roofs?

    Yes we can supply 24mm or 28mm double glazed sealed units, polycarbonate or we can supply our roofs unglazed so that you can source your own glass.

  • Are your Roof Lanterns suitable for use in conservation areas?

    Yes. It is common for us to design and manufacture flat roof lanterns for this type of application. These roofs are low lying and installed on a 5° pitch to allow for water run off. Our hipped roof lanterns however are not usually suitable, but can have a pitch as small as 15°.

  • Can I really have ANY colour?

    Yes, almost. The RAL colour range has hundreds of colours to choose from, covering every spectrum of the rainbow. You can even have a different colour on the outside to the inside of your roof. For example, you may wish to have a grey or brown outside and a decor neutral white colour on the inside.

  • I've not fitted one of your roofs before - what do I need to know / do?

    We are here to help. If you have questions then please ask and we can post, fax or e-mail details to you. We have fitting instructions available for each of our roofs and we can provide our personal on-site instruction / tuition service, upon request - so you wont just be left with a new roof and no clue what to do - we will be there to help.

  • Do you do supply and fit?

    We do not provide an installation service, however if you like our products and are looking for a company that can supply and fit them. Then we can provide you with the details of recommended installers from your area from our extensive database of customers. If you are a trade company then you may wish to take advantage of our onsite tuition service.

  • Where do you deliver to?

    We deliver to anywhere across mainland England and Wales using our own vehicles. Please see our delivery page for further details.

  • How much does delivery cost?

    Delivery from Duration for any of our products is free of charge. So you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. We do however require a 1/3 deposit on all orders.

Trade Supplier of ALUK products Smarts Systems approved fabricator. We are the largest supplier of Smart products in the UK. BFRC British Fenestration Rating Council - under the Window Energy Rating Group Scheme We are CE Marking complient