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If you want to get a quote for one of our products there are several options available to you:

Please be aware that we need quotation requests in writing and cannot provide prices over the phone. If you require a Trade Price we need a company letter head or purchase order.

What Information Do We Require?

In order to process your quotation request and provide you with an accurate price, we require the following information (click here to see an example of the information we need):

  • The product you wish for us to quote. (i.e. aluminium windows)
  • The system you wish for us to quote. (i.e. Premium Plus Windows)
  • The product details, including; sizes, colours, glass, styles and designs for each item.
  • Any additional information, requirements or specialist instructions. (For example... I require; direct fix outerframes, internally glazed sashes, trickle vents, a 150mm projection cill etc.).

Please note: All of our products are bespoke and made-to-measure, to your exact specifications.

For more help and advice on specifying or pricing our products please call us on (01268) 681612.

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Glass Options

Glass Options

Here at Duration Windows we offer many different glass options ranging from standard clear toughened and float glass to glass for more specific purposes such as our self cleaning glass, solar control glass and textured obscure glass.

We offer top quality, high specification glass from some of the leading glass companies, such as Pilkingtons. Our standard double glass unit is argon gas filled (low-E, en=0.05, soft coat), 1.2 centre Pane* U Value.

Solar Controlled Glass

Solar Control Glass Solar Control Glass Solar Control Glass Solar Control Glass Solar Control Glass Solar Control Glass Solar Control Glass

Our Sun-Guard Super Neutral 70, Pilkington Activ™ Blue and Activ™ Neutral offer solar control performance for a cooler internal environment and only cost marginally more than normal glass.

We offer; Sun-Guard Super Neutral 70 (Slight Green Tint) Solar Control Glass and Pilkingtons Activ™ Self Cleaning glass with Solar Control (Activ™ Neutral tinted glass and Activ™ Blue tinted glass).

Glass Type Tint Tint Colour Solar Control Self Clean Light Reflected Heat Blocked
Activ™ Neutral Medium Neutral / Grey Yes Yes 56% 75%
Activ™ Blue Medium Blue Yes Yes 49% 62%
Sun-Guard Super Neutral 70 Slight Green Yes No 30% 59%
Glass Type Activ™ Neutral Activ™ Blue Sun-Guard Super Neutral 70
Tint Medium Medium Slight
Tint Colour Neutral / Grey Blue Green
Solar Control Yes Yes Yes
Self Clean Yes Yes No
Light Reflected 56% 49% 30%
Heat Blocked 75% 62% 59%

Features and Benefits

  • Available colours are slight green tint, Neutral tint or a blue tint.
  • Self Cleaning Coating - reducing the need for regular maintenance. ( All Pilkingtons Activ™ Range)
  • Solar Control - helps maintain a good constant temperature and protect people and furniture from UV damage. (Activ™ Neutral, Activ™ Blue and Sun-Guard Super Neutral 70)
  • Solar Control - can also reduce heat loss by up to 45%. (Activ™ Neutral, Activ™ Blue and Sun-Guard Super Neutral 70)
  • The Coating does not break down and lasts the lifetime of the glass.
  • Even works on cloudy days and during the night.
  • Water spreads evenly over the glass surface to form a thin film, helping to wash dirt away, and drying off quickly, therefore benefiting from reduced streaks. (Pilkingtons Activ™ Range)
  • Chemical reaction that uses UV light to break down and detach particles of organic dirt from the glass.
  • More friendly to the environment than ordinary glass.
  • Reduced condensation and reduced glare.
  • Save thousands of pounds on expensive blinds.

Download Features & Benefits Information Pack »

We can demenstrate this glass in our showrooms

We advise that you come down to our showrooms and see the glass for yourself, as Pilkingtons Activ™ Solar control glass is tinted glass you should see if for yourself. If you come down to our showrooms we can demonstrate the effectiveness of solar control glass with a 250W heat lamp. We can take an accurate reading of the heat blocked by the glass using a digital infrared thermometer.

Why use Solar Glass

Rooms with a large glass area are known to become too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter, i.e. rooms with large Patio doors Bifolding doors and/or large glass roofs (i.e a conservatory). Our Sun-Guard Super Neutral 70 and Pilkingtons Self Cleaning glass with Solar Control, can help to maintain a constant temperature and protect people and furniture from UV rays. All year round the invisible metallic coating and argon filled units reflects around 60% of sun light and blocks upto 75% of the suns infra-red heat. Keeping the room cool in the summer and insulating the heat in the winter. Our Sun-Guard Super Neutral 70 can be used improve the U-values of your windows, if required.


Sun-Guard Super Neutral 70 Data Sheet »

Activ Neutral Data Sheet »

Activ Blue Data Sheet »

Pilkingtons Activ™ Solar Control Glass »

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