How To Get A Quote

Quotation requests are required in writing and prices cannnot be provided over the phone. Trade Prices require a company letter head or purchase order.

What Information Do We Require?

In order to process your quotation request and provide you with an accurate price, we require the following information (click here to see an example of the information we need):

  • The product you wish for us to quote. (i.e. aluminium windows)
  • The system you wish for us to quote. (i.e. Premium Plus Windows)
  • The product details, including; sizes, colours, glass, styles and designs for each item.
  • Any additional information, requirements or specialist instructions. (For example... I require; direct fix outerframes, internally glazed sashes, trickle vents, a 150mm projection cill etc.).

Please note: All of our products are bespoke and made-to-measure, to your exact specifications.

For more help and advice on specifying or pricing our products please call us on (01268) 681612.

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Eco Products

Modern aluminium windows with their high-tech Polyamide thermal break and modern glass have moved on enormously from the old style aluminium windows back in the 80's. Please read on and learn about our products and the benefits of aluminium products.

‘A’ Rated Aluminium Windows

New aluminium window achieves an ‘A’ energy rating. We were the first company to offer a double glazed aluminium window with this high standard of energy efficiency. This is achieved through clever design, modern materials and modern glazing. This window is designed to reduce carbon emissions from your home by saving energy on heating, as a result it can save you around 10% on your heating bills.
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Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing involves adding an extra slim-line window in addition to your existing windows. Secondary glazing is designed to keep the heat in and the noise out. You could also save around 10% on your house hold bills. Our Secondary Glazing is made from strong light weight aluminium so that the frames can be made very slim. This makes the additional window more discreet and much less obtrusive. Making them perfect for use in listed buildings and conservation areas. Duration Windows have the broadest range of bespoke secondary glazing in Europe, with many products unique to Duration.
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Electrically Heated Glass

We are the first trade manufacturer to bring you, electrically heated glass. The glass will quickly and efficiently heat any room. A totally invisible heat source that will almost instantly fill the room with a gentle radiant heat. Pioneered in Finland, this product brings you super effective, zone controlled room temperatures up to 40°C. Manufactured with all environmentally friendly green materials.
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Why Aluminium?

  • Aluminium is highly recyclable and when recycled loses none of the physical properties of the primary aluminium.
  • Recycling aluminium uses just 5% of the energy it takes to create the primary aluminium.
  • Aluminium is the third most abundant material on earth
  • When the old Wembley Stadium was demolished, 96% of the aluminium was reclaimed and recycled.
  • The life cycle of aluminium products is measured in terms of decades rather than years.


What About PVC?

Some PVC facts from and alternatives to PVC...

  • Post consumer PVC cannot be easily recycled - claims that in the US just 0.5% of waste PVC is recycled.
  • During a fire PVC gives off toxic gasses even before it ignites.
  • Additives used during PVC manufacture can leach out over time and increase health risks.
  • As an alternative to PVC windows and doors, recommends wood, fiberglass and aluminium.

Useful Links

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Trade Supplier of ALUK products Smarts Systems approved fabricator. We are the largest supplier of Smart products in the UK. BFRC British Fenestration Rating Council - under the Window Energy Rating Group Scheme We are CE Marking complient