How To Get A Quote

Quotation requests are required in writing and prices cannnot be provided over the phone. Trade Prices require a company letter head or purchase order.

What Information Do We Require?

In order to process your quotation request and provide you with an accurate price, we require the following information (click here to see an example of the information we need):

  • The product you wish for us to quote. (i.e. aluminium windows)
  • The system you wish for us to quote. (i.e. Premium Plus Windows)
  • The product details, including; sizes, colours, glass, styles and designs for each item.
  • Any additional information, requirements or specialist instructions. (For example... I require; direct fix outerframes, internally glazed sashes, trickle vents, a 150mm projection cill etc.).

Please note: All of our products are bespoke and made-to-measure, to your exact specifications.

For more help and advice on specifying or pricing our products please call us on (01268) 681612.

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Clip-On A-Shaped Astragal Bars

Astragal Bars

Have you ever had problems de-glazing a window with astragal bars? Our NEW fitter friendly Clip-on astragal bars are quick and easy to fit and quick and easy to remove. A PVC backing plate is securely glued to the glass unit with a quality tape specially chosen by us for it's high quality and suitability.

The A-shaped bars are designed to be clipped on to the backing plate and securely held in place. The bars can be removed by the window fitter if the window ever needs to be re-glazed.

Benefits of Astragal Bars

  • Great authentic looks with A-shaped bar on inside and out, or A-shaped outside and flat inside.
  • Designed to avoid pitfalls of other designs and will not fall off.
  • Window installer can make adjustments to make your installation look perfect where other astragal systems don’t allow adjustments without making the bars run out of line.
  • Internal Duplex bars makes the single sealed unit look like it's made from individual panes.
  • Black, grey and white gaskets available for the best looking window (white gaskets not available on outside of window).

Benefits To The Installer

  • Peace of mind - de-glaze & re-glaze and toe & heel correctly.
  • Ease of clip-on and off for quick glazing.
  • Toe & heel units with ease.
  • Optimal expansion gaps.
  • Bars attached with highest quality tape.
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars
Astragal Bars

Different Gasket & Spacerbar Combinations

Trade Supplier of ALUK products Smarts Systems approved fabricator. We are the largest supplier of Smart products in the UK. BFRC British Fenestration Rating Council - under the Window Energy Rating Group Scheme We are CE Marking complient